"Colours" Thermoplastic Splinting Material 1 % Perforated 1/8" x 18" x 24" - Beige

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COLOURS ™ has a special coating on the surfaces to prevent accidental sticking. Permanent bonds can be achieved using a heat gun, scraping the surface or with a bonding solvent.

Recommended for:
• Hand and wrist splints (static or dynamic)
• Elbow splints
• Neck splints (cervical collars)
• Body jackets and back supports (inserts)
• Splints for burns
• Foot drop splints
• Ankle stirrup splints
• Knee splints (immobilization)
• Static splints for serial “casting”
• Size: 1/8×18 x24″ (3.2 mm) 4 sheets Available in white, beige and light blue.
Heating temperature: 70°C – 75°C (160°F – 170°F)

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