Flexible Caustic Applicators - Silver Nitrate Sticks

Flexible Caustic Applicators - Silver Nitrate Sticks

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6 inch (15.2 cm), 100 per tube

 Flexible Caustic Applicators, 6 inch (15.2 cm). Silver Nitrate 75%, Potassium Nitrate 25%

Discover the powerful, natural benefits of Silver Nitrate - an inorganic chemical compound with antimicrobial properties that has been used in medicine since the 13th century. Our caustic applicator sticks contain a potent combination of silver nitrate and potassium nitrate, providing a targeted and solution for cauterizing wounds and skin tags. Simply activate the stick with moisture and let the free silver ions create a protective layer on the tissue, promoting healing and preventing further complications. Some of our brands even offer flexible options for easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Explore the ancient healing power of silver nitrate and experience its transformative effects for yourself!

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