GluStitch Skin Glue Violet Single Dose .02ml, each

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GluStitch® is a cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive that is formulated to function as a wound closure tissue adhesive. GluStitch® is indicated for the closure of uncomplicated skin lacerations where there is little or no tissue loss. GluStitch® should be used under the direction of a physician.

GluStitch® Product Features

  • Two year shelf life in all three product formats
  • Fast Setting formulation that dries to a smooth flexible finish that contours with the tissue
  • Violet colouring allows for better visibility
  • User friendly delivery system

At MedWest we keep our stock refrigerated at a max temperature of 3 Degrees Celsius. However, as the manufacture states this item is okay to be shipped without cold chain service, it is recommended on receipt of the product to store in the a fridge or freezer below 5 degrees Celsius when not using the product. This product is ok to be at room temperature for up to 4 weeks without hindering the integrity of the product.

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