Prestan® AED UltraTrainer™ with English/French Languages, 3 “C” batteries (installed), set of Adult/Infant

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Available in single AND 4 pack
  • Instructors can customize their training classes with options to turn on or off the compression metronome and/or the “give breaths” voice prompt.
  • This compact and lightweight unit will give students a realistic training experience with training pads that sense when they are placed on a manikin.
  • Includes AED unit, set of adult/child pads, pre-installed batteries, extra pad connector buttons, instructions. and carrying bag
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • 5 training scenarios



  • Dual graphic (adult/child) training pads
  • Pad sensing system
  • Preconnected pads
  • Child training button
  • Child AED-specific voice prompts
  • Automatic or semi-automatic shock simulation
  • CPR coaching, “Give Breaths” voice prompt
  • Turn on or off compression metronome
  • Turn on or off “Give Breaths” prompts
  • Low battery warning
  • Two languages: English/Spanish
  • 2015 guidelines-compliant and upgradable
  • Play/pause button

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