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At the turn of the 21st century, the adoption of ultrasound was exploding. With the release of the first truly portable ultrasound systems, ultrasound, which had once been limited to radiologists, was now being used by a vast number of medical specialties from emergency medicine to anesthesiology. The demand for ultrasound training was high, but little was available. Sonographer Brian Keegan recognized the need for a reliable training tool and set off to develop the first ultrasound training model. After countless hours creating and testing different configurations in his garage, he had finally hit the mark. The formula matched the acoustic properties of human tissue and worked perfectly with any ultrasound system.

The first ultrasound model to emerge from Keegan’s work was a small blue block with two internal vessels to mimic actual veins. This model inspired the company name "Blue Phantom". In 2012, CAE Healthcare acquired Blue Phantom to advance the improvement of simulation-based clinical training and the delivery of patient care globally. Today, Blue Phantom is a major producer of the most realistic and durable anatomical task trainers available. Coupled with a commitment to customer service and quality, Blue Phantom is now recognized as the world leader in ultrasound training models.